Real Estate Platform Project

The real estate platform includes huge projects that will be implemented in 7 basic stages between different periods of time

January 2022

Banking platforms

The banking platform, which in turn withdraws and deposits for investors, and the sale and purchase of other currencies for the time period

March 2022

Mining Platform

The launch of the platform will be fully organized and equipped on the ground to enable investors to host equipment or direct investment during the time period

December 2022

AI Platform

The launch of the platform will be dependent on the bank’s platform to help traders understand the market situation before making decisions, and its role will not be limited only to knowing the state of the market

September 2022

Pools of Liquidity

It will be ready with the start of the projects and the start of work because it is an escape from the large market fluctuations from the market makers

always present

Other projects

Some of my projects will be electronic stores supported by us to facilitate some matters for holders of the Islamic Dinar digital currency

November 2022