1- 50% of the total liquidity is allocated to real estate (250 million coins) real estate projects, which are the mainstay of the digital currency

2- Banking platform: The banking platform owns 20% of the total liquidity (100 million coins) that has been allocated to work with the digital wallet, which will be put up for sale at a price of $0.15 per currency

3- Liquidity pools allocated 8% (40 million coins) to ensure that major traders do not manipulate the market

4 - 2% has been allocated to some other projects, Which will be related to online stores that can be paid digitally Currency and other things

5- Then allocating 20% (100 million coins) to the project management board

General Distribution of Liquidity

project team

Thianh Lu

CEO and industry veteran. Over 20 years as entrepreneur in the payment industry and 7 years in crypto.


Nic Cary

CFO our financial officer with burning interest of business development! An enthusiastic leader for driving change to always reach our high targets.


Charles McGarraugh

COO overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Hips. With a burning interest in customer care and success.


Peter Smith

has spent well over two decades consulting on public policy, crisis strategy and communications. He’s done so for blue chip and start-up .


Matt Tuzzolo

is the Vice President of Engineering at Blockchain.com where he is responsible for the technology underpinning Blockchain.com’s services.


Lewis Tuff

is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Blockchain.com. In these roles, he is responsible for new business growth.