The first project that combines blockchain and real-world projects with a huge investment

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How to buy isd ?

1- Create a new account by buying now

2- After registration, a wallet will be opened for you. You will have to make a deposit in your wallet

3- Put your receiving wallet address in adding a new address

4- The money sent to your wallet is the same as the money shared in the whole purchase

5- The maximum amount for purchase is $1,000 for each stage. The transaction will be rejected if the amount exceeds this limit

6- You can buy against these trading pairs ISD/USDT ISD/ETH ISD/BNB Due to the cost of fees

After completing the mass selling stages

The tokens will be distributed to the participating wallets and they can sell or invest in the initial portfolios

Our currency can be moved and dealt with in all the services mentioned

You can wait for the banking platform to start working and exchange your currency for money

Or speculating in the global real estate market