What is the Islamic dinar?

Perhaps today we see a lot of digital currencies that serve in various magazines, which are limited to website services and transfers. You can say intangible projects or that you are paying for something that the alternative has nothing tangible to benefit from in normal life. It is limited to paying for the purchase of another digital currency, but have you thought One day, the digital currency will be in a completely different situation. What you can do when you own the Islamic dinar is not just a digital currency in your wallet, but you also have fixed assets in the various fields on which our various companies are based, such as owning real estate from one of our companies or owning cars in our showrooms or Our investment in various already existing projects whose sites are listed. You can visit the sites and start already

Islamic Dinar and the Blockchain

Do we believe there is a link between blockchain technology and artificial intelligence?

Al solutions will be running on a blockchain technology platform soon leading to increased machine learning ability and even the creation of new financial products So the convergence between Blockchain and AI is inevitable because both because both deal with data and value. Blockchain technology enables secure storage and sharing of data or anything of value AI can analyze insights from data to generate value This will be what you will see in the coming period combining artificial intelligence and blockchain

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology that has not yet reached its full potential. In fact, the possibilities of what AI will one day achieve are nearly endless. However, AI still plays a major role in a number of key industries Whether Facebook suggests content that matches your historical activity or Amazon recommends products based on past purchases AI has the potential to outpace the human brain by some distance With that said, different types of AI have been used in the financial markets for nearly three decades. Large banks and other financial institutions rely on these algorithms to outperform the markets on a consistent basis. As such, it was only a matter of time before the phenomenon of AI commerce reached the retail space. If you are keen to know the ins and outs of what AI trading is, how it works, and what platforms allow you to independently buy and sell assets