Oversight of the capital market Guarantee of investment operations

Undoubtedly, large frauds in digital currencies have spread in recent times, and this may raise our suspicion. Therefore, under the name of our company, Bosnia Real Estate, all funds for projects are monitored by the Financial Supervisory Authority, and therefore to ensure the funds of all our investors

What is the role of financial control over us?

In order to achieve its objectives, the Authority shall specialize in the following: • License to engage in non-banking financial activities. • Inspection of the entities that are licensed to work in non-banking financial activities and markets. • Supervising the provision and dissemination of information related to non-bank financial markets. • Monitoring the markets to ensure competition and transparency in the provision of non-bank financial services. • Protection of the rights of dealers in the non-banking financial markets and the balance between them. • Take the necessary measures to limit manipulation and fraud in the non-banking financial markets, taking into account the risks involved in dealing in them. • Supervising the training of workers in the non-banking financial markets and raising their efficiency. • Cooperating and coordinating with non-banking financial control bodies abroad in a way that contributes to the development of control methods and systems and raising their efficiency and provisions. • Communication, cooperation and coordination with associations and organizations that gather or organize the work of financial control bodies in the world in order to raise the efficiency of the authority and advance its functions in accordance with the best international practices. • Contribute to the dissemination of culture and financial and investment awareness.

• Approving the prospectus for new issues of securities. • Review information notes for private offering of securities. • Granting licenses to brokerage firms in securities. • Implementing disclosure requirements in accordance with Egyptian accounting standards based on international accounting standards. • Supporting the growth and development of the capital market in Egypt, including encouraging the introduction of new financial instruments and trading mechanisms, applying advanced technology and increasing investor awareness. We refer here to the authority’s supervisory tasks with regard only to the supervision of companies operating in the field of securities, starting with the establishment of these companies, licensing them and monitoring their work, as well as monitoring the capital market to ensure that dealing with sound securities, and that it is not tainted by fraud, fraud, or Fraud, exploitation, or fictitious speculation