With regular payments, great customer support, cutting-edge security, and system stability, and by offering massive amounts of hash power we will quickly develop the Islamic Dinar into a popular brand among cryptocurrency miners.

The Islamic Dinar also serves as a backbone network and plays an important role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing the creation of new currency and indirect verification of transactions on many different block chains.

It will not be as complicated as it was in the past. By launching the platform, you can mine with the lowest capabilities of a computer. We will add high mining rewards compared to other currencies. If you do not have a computer, you can rent a hash rate through us at low prices

Cloud mining and hardware hosting

Cloud mining is a mechanism for mining digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, using what is known as the power of rented cloud computing, without the need for miners to purchase mining devices, for a monthly or annual fee (including the cost of electricity + profit margin for the owner of the devices) paid by the miner in advance to the owner of the devices. In the mining power issued by these devices

Through our own mining platform You can do more and more. Mining is no longer the same as it was before. Today, you can buy computing power at different hash rates and at prices that are completely different from the rest of the companies. Host your devices in private mining farms between us. Payment and withdrawal of money is very easy. The security rate is very high. You can move and exchange between our services and between withdrawing your money through Our private bank platform, which will provide you with all services related to the cryptocurrency market